Have you 'Googled' Gateshead Physiotherapy or Sports Physio but struggled to find an appointment in the evening or weekend? Do you have a sports injury or pain that is effecting your day?

Here at North East Physio we try to be flexible for our customers, so this physio clinic could be for you.

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About Us

I am a physiotherapist with over sixteen years qualification, specialised in the field of assessing and treating muscle, joint, nerve and connective tissue conditions.

You can be assured that you will be listened to here at North East Physio where time is taken to assess and understand your needs.

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Where are We?
North East Physio provides professional, quality care either from our main base at the North East Physio Clinic in Blaydon, at the Crescent Dental Care Surgery, Dunston or straight to your door for a home visit

Types of Conditions Treated

The majority of pain and restriction that does not originate in the brain or body organs is most likely treatable by a physiotherapist, for example:

Neck or Back Pain

Those with or without associated arm or leg pains

Postural Pain

Those with work strains or repetitive strains

Sports Injury

Those with muscle strain or ligament sprain


Those with surgical scars/ other scar tissue caused by injury

Joint Pains

Those with arthritis, trauma/ injury, post-surgery


A specialist interest in those with a curvature of the spine

Are you awaiting physiotherapy on the long NHS list and would prefer sooner care?

Please do not wait and risk your health, contact on 07713739887 and book a specialist assessment now. We offer daytime and evening appointments.

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Accepted Insurances

We are fully recognised by the Private Health Insurance Companies:

AXA Insurance
AVIVA Insurance
Vitality Health Insurance
 Simplyhealth Insurance